Self Portrait

Through various life problems and crap that fate threw at me in my 37 years I often feel split and torn between two identities. When I was younger I used to joke that I had an Evil Twin that made me do crazy stuff and get me into no end of weird situations. As my life progressed I realised that my Evil Twin wasn’t just a joke but a part of me that will be with me for life… like it or not.

When Hipstamatic bought out their Dali Pak I took this image without testing on anything else. This was the first Image I took with the new pak.

Freaked me out no end.. my mind was in the picture and it all made sense.

Sailor (Brightened)

I thought I would offer a comparison test today. One image two outcomes after using ACDsee Camera Flash app.


Hipstamatic using Lucifer VI , Blanko Noir,


Same Hipstamatic settings but with ACDsee Camera Flash app used at about 30%.

In hindsight, I really like the brooding darkness of the before shot, but the after lightened shot is nice too as you get to see some more of the grizzled features of the Sailor.

What do you think?

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