CSI Sittingbourne

When I first moved here there was an article in the local free newspaper that gets delivered each week about an attraction in town called CSI Sittingbourne. I had visions of a Grisham type person spraying Luminol all over the place and shooting dummies whilst blasting out The Who. It was in fact an archaeological preservation team that had been working in the area. Unfortunately the CSI Sittingbourne project has had to close down due to lack of funds… it’s a shame as it got my Nephew interested in Archaeology. Hopefully they will be able to open up again soon.

Edit: I just had a comment to let me know that CSI Sittingbourne is back up and running  for three days a week Tuesdays Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 3-45 (often later). They have a website that I was previously unaware of here is the link: CSI Sittingbourne. If you are in the area at any of those times, why not drop in.

High Street

This was taken with Hipstamatic using Lucifer VI Lens, Float Film and No Flash. When I checked the image it seemed awfully dark. It puzzled me as it wasn’t a dark time of day when I took the shot. I have used acdsee Camera Flash just to pep this up a little. I think I have found my least favourite Hipstamatic Film Lens combo.

A Super Mug

I collect mugs. In fact my family would say that I hoard them. Each Easter I always ask for a Chocolate Egg that comes with a mug. I have been like this since I was a kid, no idea why, I just like mugs.

Back in 1999 I worked at the now defunct Warner Brothers Studio Store at Blue Water in Kent. It was hands down the best job I ever had in any field. I got paid to play with toys and watch cartoons all day. It wasn’t work to me. I got to talk about Superman and Batman all day. No one would look twice when I had a silly minute and started singing “Hello My Honey” by Michigan J Frog behind the tills.. in fact my managers encouraged it.

Anywho, back to the mugs.. I bought this mug with my first pay check. It was oversized and it had a big Superman logo on it. I also bought the Batman equivalent but that got broken some where in the distant past. This mug is over 13 years old and I still use it for 99% of my hot drinks to this day. Any other mug just doesn’t feel right.

A Superman Mug

It’s a passion thing.

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