No Picture on the page…

What a to do.

There’s no picture of a woman on the front page. To any women who think I may be a sexist twat for showing pictures of pretty women on my blog, I do have a very good reason for this… IT’S MY BLOG. I have been holding back on what I have said on this thing for fear of someone I know reading this. When I say someone I know I mean someone outside my family. They all know me and know what I am like… they accept me for who I am. For that I am eternally thankful. It’s a pain in the arse being stuck inside a mind that wants to be gentlemanly all the time. I act the way I act because usually that’s how I feel. If someone has pissed me off, I will usually shrug it off, but if you keep going at me, then beware the consequences. I won’t get nasty but I will get even and make your life difficult. That’s my beef and I am sticking too it.

This sounds like a ramble.. maybe because I am tired and too hot too sleep. (more…)

A New Look

I am bored, not particularly tired, so i decided to have a bash at messing up the blog again. I have everything crossed here. Nuts arms(not easy to type) fingers toes you name it it was crossed. But i managed to change the background of the blog to some Old Tube radios, Old Time Radio is a passion of mine. I also tweaked a few other little things.. no biggies but it’s fun to try. I will keep playing, maybe not tonight but I will keep trying new things here and there to see what it does.

I also decided that I have to find another sexy picture to put up because Ms Ricci will disappear when this entry is posted.. So to fill in the void here’s….

Pamela Anderson

Ms Pamela of Anderson


I recoloured the pic because I think it looks better black and white. Makes it more interesting.


Until Next Time…

Work and not sleeping.

So, it’s now Wednesday and yet again I am dead tired but unable to sleep. I am sat here going through just posted links on the blogger dashboard. (it’s really addictive), but I am getting really fucking bored of hearing about the elections going on the world over. When are people going to realise that it doesn’t matter which monkey is in the top seat the results will always be the same.

I remember back when Tony Blair first came into power with the Labour Party, everyone expected big change and uber reform, and for a while we got what we though we were going to get.. or at least we thought we were. 7 years down the line we are still having way high gas prices, we are in conflict with a country that has fuck all to with us (maybe ten years ago Saddam was a problem,, but not in 2003/4).

We are in the same quagmire of political bullshit as we ever were. Ahhh I am sick of it.

We are still waiting for our new PC’s to be installed at work. I have seen one of them set up in our small annexed office and they are the mutts nuts. Dell custom builds for everyone. 17inch flat screen monitors and god knows what else under the hood. They won’t let me play until all the systems are up and running. damn them and there killjoy ways.

I realised today that no would probably read this blog anyway so I can be as candid as I want and have no real worries about repercussions. I write long boring entries and I know that the average web reader will only skim for the juicy bits… Maybe I should just randomly throw in a pair of TITS or a 12inch DICK in somewhere and see if that spikes any interest.

A random down blouse shot.. What do you mean there is no blouse?

Lets see what that does.. knowing my luck nothing because I probably fucked up the code or something…bwahahaha.

Oh well I am off to try and get some sleep… see ya later

Until Next Time

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