Happy Birthday Gibson

2 years ago today I got a phone call that I had been expecting. I had been expecting it for a couple of weeks.

“Can you come and watch the kids?”

Off I go middle of the night to babysit the kids who are sound asleep oblivious to the pandemonium going on in their own family. In the end I was home before the sun came upand Esther was home too. It wasn’t long though before I got another call to come back and watch the kids again.

This time it was the real deal, the baby was coming, and I was only half awake, and I was now trying to choose which Doctor Who DVD would keep the kids occupied for the longest that I could answer enough questions about.

Now we have him. Now he is 2. Now he is a high five slapping, train loving Choo Choo blowing never standing still whirling dervish. (more…)

Springing Forward

Seeing as I lost an hour of sleep last night I am denying Springs existence today. Yes this tree branch is budding as it should but I HATE losing sleep (being an insomniac is hellish ya know.) So I sucked all the colour out of this and pinholed it using Infinicam (they make the great app CameraBag)

The original image was taken using Camera+.

On a different note, I am going to be spending some time over the next few days adding a few posts and pages to the site to highlight some of my favourite apps and maybe some of the different photographers I have come across since I began this iteration of Spnak. I think I need to get more content than just one picture a day. Onwards and Upwards as they say

A Breakfast Chef

I am surprised at the silly little things I see dotted around town.

Take ol Chef here. He isn’t on a street, he is hidden up a little side alley where you would miss him if you weren’t just passing by.

Anywho today’s image is messed with with ScratchyCam FX which I just got as it was on special offer for a limited period. check it out if you don’t have it. Try not to take my effort into account, this one was done as a personal retro thing as a reminder of what I used to do when I first started messing with graphics in PaintShop Pro way back 12/13 years ago. Ahhh those were the days.

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