Carpe Momentum

Quite recently I have gotten in touch with a very old friend with whom I had pretty much given up on ever speaking to again. It’s great to find friendships from years ago that could pick up in moments as if no time had passed. This got me to thinking though. There is no visual history of our friendship from back then. There are no photos of us together, there are no videos of the madcap stuff we used to get up to. I know that if videos had existed then we would be You Tube stars in a week.. at least that is how my memory places my past.

I have a message for Parents and Kids.

First the Adults, Make sure your kids know about the need to document their lives. I don’t mean make them sit down and write a daily diary, but the big things and the small. Give them the option to have a Camera. It doesn’t have to be the biggest or best with all the features David Bailey uses, but a little point and shoot. If they have to have a mobile phone, make sure it has a half way decent camera on it. They will thank you in the future when relationships reignite after the last flush of youth has flown.

Now to the kids reading, If you have a camera, USE IT. Use it for good, use it to remember the good times. Make sure your SD card is always needing emptying, but it will be a lifetime of regret f you can’t relive those memories when time passes and you are older, it takes five minutes to transfer the pictures off of a card. Take pictures of your friends.. have friends take pictures of you, get a random bloody stranger to take pictures of you and your friends. You will never regret having to many memories but you will regret the missed chances that you can never get back 20 years down the line.

My youth was never conventional and I so regret not having a few pictures of the late night concerts we used to put on in the Library Park, (even the night we were moved on by the Police Lady that seemed to be following us around). I regret not having a picture of My Best Friend sitting on my shoulders as we watched Iron Maiden at the Assembly Rooms in Derby. Those moments are gone, take my advice and Seize The Moment whilst they are still in the moment.

Until Next Time…