Outside The West End

I was in the back of a car travelling through London at approaching evening Rush-Hour. We were stopping and starting through traffic and each street looked the same and it just seemed to be an endless string of closed down shops or grubby looking Take-Aways.

Out of nowhere a theatre appeared. Yeah, you read right, a Theatre.

A Theatre in a Random London Street

Out of no where it appeared.. A Theatre.

All theatres are a little space of magic to me. I haven’t set foot inside a theatre for quite a while and that disappoints me. It doesn’t matter where or for what, stepping through the doors to an auditorium always fills me with a feeling of excitement that lasts for days afterwards. It’s a special time. For those 2 hours that you are sat in the dark taking in the joys being offered it’s like nothing else matters. The feeing of being somewhere else is just magical.

(The image was taken and edited using Camera+ straightened using PhotoToaster and Filtered with Snapseed)


This is definitely the last image I will post from my last trip to London.

I don’t want to appear vague, but I have no idea where about in London this was taken or which building it is from. I just saw it and shot two or three images as we whizzed past.

This was taken using the Native Camera App, was brightened up with AcDsee’s Camera Flash and tweaked in Snapseed.

Big Ben

As I mentioned the other day, most of the pictures I took on my little sojourn to London were taken from the inside of a car whilst driving. One of the hazards of this way of shooting is that images can often not be straight.

Once I got home and took a closer look at this picture it looked more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. So I set out to fix it. Luckily for me, I already had the tools to fix the problem in the form of Snapseed. I had fiddled with it before but hadn’t actually used it to achieve an end result. It took some practice as I found the adjustment process a little sensitive. I am hoping that when I actually get around to getting the Desktop version of Snapseed that it will become a little easier to control.

Anywho, this image as with 99.9% of the images I took on Monday was taken with the Native Camera App and has been post processed by using Snapseed.

(Click for larger image)

Treebeard In Stone

As we were driving through London yesterday I started noticing little things that normally would have just passed me by as I ignored the world passing by. With my iPhone in my hand just looking out of the window I became aware of the small stuff that had been there for years and years and probably goes unnoticed by the hundreds of people passing by each day.

I saw the carving in the archway and for a second it sprang to my mind that it looked kind of like Peter Jacksons version of the Tree-Ents from Lord of the Rings. Once I got home and transferred the images to my computer to take a larger look at what I would use for this blog, it struck me that that first impression was more accurate than I first thought.

This was taken with the Native Camera App and then edited with Simply B&W and ScratchCam.

Eye In The Smoke

I had cause to be in London for a couple of hours today. Whilst I didn’t actually get to get out of the car and have a good walk around I did manage to get some half decent pictures.

This one is of the London Eye. It’s become a familiar sight in London just like Big Ben, The Houses Of Parliament and Buckingham Palace. For New Years celebrations they make full use of it by turning it into one big Firework show. It’s quite special.

I used the Native Camera App and tarted it up a bit in Snapseed.

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