Project 39 – It Starts Here.

Yesterday was my 39th birthday. In the days leading up to yesterday I started to feel that I should “do” something to mark this year.

To me turning 40 is like the last great barrier to actually not being able to call yourself NOT an adult. Once you hit 40 you have no where to hide. It’s a slide down into definite middle age and you’re closer to retirement than you are leaving school. It’s no longer fun to get out of bed in the morning as you face the creaks and groans in your bones.

I have stated before that I really don’t feel my age, I haven’t for a long time. I certainly don’t feel 39. In the grand scheme of things my life has been totally different than I expected it to be. I had assumed when I was 16/18 that by 39 I would have a stable job and be doing the normal life thing. Mind you, my normal life involved working in Performing Arts and travelling the world being fantastic at everything I did (I was a cocky kid).

I decided after reading an article about 365 Photo journals that I would like to try and document this coming year. I could have tried to do the Instagram post a picture a day or some other such endeavour, but I tried something similar last year on and I got a few months in and things didn’t get much further. So I started to work out what kind of end package I wanted to leave. It was then that I came up with Project 39.

Project 39 is a blogged documentary about what happens through the next 52 weeks. It will take the form of weekly blog posts documenting the previous week through anything that takes my eye. Photos, New Stories, Web Pages.. anything. Some weeks it will be a humongous post that will take all day to write, others will be brief and to the point one photo that encapsulates the week.

I know that sounds like a regular blog.. and maybe it is.

I mentioned on my other blog that my Mental Health story was changing after discharge from the Mental Health Team, Project 39 is my chance to document what happens “in real life” after that happens and not have to hang everything on my health and how well my head is coping with the lack of sun.

Me May P39 1So there we have it. Each week, usually over the weekend at some point a Project 39 post will be posted. There may be other posts throughout the week not related to the project, reviews and opinions of whatever goes through my mind. I hope you join me as a I discover what my 39th year has to offer and what I can offer to the world in my 39th year.

Until Next Time…