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An Escape

The post I originally started writing was dark, dismal and full of swear words. Absolutely not what I have been about lately. Something I have tried to build myself away from for a while. Yeah, OK, I may feel bad at the moment and I may not have sunbeams shining out of my bum at the  moment but I don’t have to bring everyone else down with me. So that post is going stay in my Drafts folder for a while and instead I am just going to share a few things with you instead. (more…)


At 1.55 this morning I got a text message. I wasn’t in bed, I rarely am these days. I looked at the message and it was from my Mum, which was odd as I had just wished her good night and heard her walk up the stairs. The message read:

The original War of the Worlds is on Roswell Radio now

Now I don’t know if it was serendipity or whether it was just a random act of fate, but listening to Orson Welles War of the Worlds is just what I needed at 1.55 this morning.

I tuned into the station (Roswell UFO Radio) and just sat back and listened to the show that was the very first OTR show that I had ever heard.  I am sure I have mentioned before about how I first heard War of the Worlds, in brief an ex girlfriend bought a magazine that had a cover mount tape of the broadcast. I listened to that tape so many times she would have been well with all realms of sanity to have dumped me there and then. It wasn’t for a few years after that and my introduction to the internet and Napster that I started collecting Old radio shows. It was mostly Goon Shows to start off with, but occasionally I would find an American broadcast that took my fancy. My obsessive collecting habit began when I went to America and had far too much time on my hands and a faster Internet connection.

Fast forward on a decade or so and I now have more radio shows that I have life left to listen to them. I still collect more each week. I am creating a beast of an archive that will probably be use nor ornament to anyone, but it gives me satisfaction knowing that I could probably open one of the many CD cases or boxes that stacked with discs filled with shows and listen to something new each day and not get bored.

As an ending to this short and possibly meaningless post I have something to share with you. Here is a link to the show that started me off. War of the Worlds. Enjoy as I did.. maybe it’ll spark something in you that makes you an obsessive collector. If you want to know where to get more.. just ask.. I’ll be your radio Dr Feelgood.

Until Next Time…

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