Outside The West End

I was in the back of a car travelling through London at approaching evening Rush-Hour. We were stopping and starting through traffic and each street looked the same and it just seemed to be an endless string of closed down shops or grubby looking Take-Aways.

Out of nowhere a theatre appeared. Yeah, you read right, a Theatre.

A Theatre in a Random London Street

Out of no where it appeared.. A Theatre.

All theatres are a little space of magic to me. I haven’t set foot inside a theatre for quite a while and that disappoints me. It doesn’t matter where or for what, stepping through the doors to an auditorium always fills me with a feeling of excitement that lasts for days afterwards. It’s a special time. For those 2 hours that you are sat in the dark taking in the joys being offered it’s like nothing else matters. The feeing of being somewhere else is just magical.

(The image was taken and edited using Camera+ straightened using PhotoToaster and Filtered with Snapseed)

Genuine Age

When I started playing with apps and filters in Photoshop I tried to get images that looked genuine. I still don’t think I have got it. I am sure that I could probably get close, but there is always that missing something from the “modern aged” photos.

This image is of my wife’s two Brothers, Gilbert and Clarence. It dates back from around 1951-52. It was taken with a Box Brownie Camera on 110 film. It has been scanned and left as is.

A Photo of Two Boys outside playing.

My wife’s brothers taken some time in the early 1950’s

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