Today = Confusion

To preface to this post I want to gently remind anyone who reads this, that I generally refrain from talking politics outside of my living room, and even then it is usually me making fun of our elected (or not so elected) leaders.

I occasionally wonder if there are many people who feel like me that posting anything seemingly controversial on Social Media or on a personal Web Space. It has taken a lot of thought Today for me to sit down and really think if I wanted to post this. In the end I have come to the conclusion that whilst I am fully entitled to use my space however I choose; losing my mind and going on a tirade rant won’t solve anything… so here goes.

Image of the earth with slogan Take a Breath

When I went to bed last night, I was Paul Hurwood, generally likeable chap who gets on with most people. When I woke up this morning and logged on to social media, it appears that I am now a racist and bigoted freak who only wants to see my country go down the pan! To be perfectly honest, at first glance, I didn’t feel any different; just the same ol slog to get my sluggish mentally interesting brain to cope with the facts of the pre-coffee morning.

Once caffeine had been imbibed and the realisation of what actually happened over night sunk in properly and the ramifications of the result emerged, I started to see more and more negative views of the result and how much people who voted as I had yesterday had ruined the great name of Great Britain.

For an ideology that had spent the past few weeks preaching and screaming from every roof top that inclusion throughout Europe was the best way forward, they are sure doing a pretty thorough job of making me feel like an outsider who deserves to be thrown off the Cliffs at Dover.

What changed?

Do the people you were friends with last week no longer matter because we had a differing view point? Would they be feeling the same if the result had been the opposite? Why is social discourse so hard on Friday, when on Thursday they had so much to say?

I honestly didn’t think that the EU Referendum would spark the outrage and rancour that the Scottish Independence Referendum did 2 years ago, but I was obviously wrong, because this feels ten times worse, communities are breaking down, families are being yanked apart and all because we disagree on politics… A rich mans game that is so far devoid of honour and reality that to be this divided on one issue is quite frankly scary as all hell, the fact that we have devolved so quickly makes me wonder if going to live on Summerisle (The Wicker Man) a really good idea.

I gave my Niece and Nephew a lift home from school yesterday and whilst waiting for the cab, they were discussing their day at school and they got to the topic of Dystopian Writing. Little did I know that I would find in less than 24 hours that this country would be heading for the greatest dystopian breakdown possible.

Image of Space with slogan Don't Be A Dick

For the record, I am neither a racist nor a bigot. I voted leave for reasons of my own, but I can reassure you (and if you know me AT ALL you would know this) it isn’t because I want less foreign people in my homeland, I don’t want to close my borders, and I think Nigel Farrage is a dick – he missed the lesson in politics school about not being a dick and having the smooth talking bastard gene removed at birth didn’t help him in the slightest.

If you have read this far, and still have the same view of knowing me now that I decided to vote Leave yesterday, then I have absolutely no problem with you deciding that I am no longer the kind of person you want to associate with. Feel free to unbookmark my site and unfriend me on social media. But, please if you have the courage to say goodbye first, I’d like that opportunity first.

Normal service resumes here post haste!

Happy Friday!

Until Next Time…

A-Z – C – Caution


The clock ticked closer to the 8 o clock hour. everyone had urged caution, that he should not take part. He should watch his blood pressure and his heart.

He couldn’t be dissuaded, he went ahead.

He turned over and switched it on.

The screen glowed and the circle started to swirl and then the images started to stream.

There they were, the 7 Puppets who were, allegedly, in charge of the country and who were fighting to take charge in 35 days.

With each passing minute more dribble filled the screen and his blood pressure rose.

He seems stable Doctor.

He seems stable Doctor.

Those around him watched as he turned red and then purple.

They urged him to switch off.

He couldn’t though, he was glued to the screen. If he turned off he might miss the lone gunman who was inevitably there to do his bidding.

Surely someone would take the initiative.

All 7 in one room was too good an opportunity to miss!!

Wasn’t it?

Caution they warned?

Caution be damned.

He was last seen running down the road screaming about Statistics and Damned Liars.

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.
Benjamin Disraeli

Work and not sleeping.

So, it’s now Wednesday and yet again I am dead tired but unable to sleep. I am sat here going through just posted links on the blogger dashboard. (it’s really addictive), but I am getting really fucking bored of hearing about the elections going on the world over. When are people going to realise that it doesn’t matter which monkey is in the top seat the results will always be the same.

I remember back when Tony Blair first came into power with the Labour Party, everyone expected big change and uber reform, and for a while we got what we though we were going to get.. or at least we thought we were. 7 years down the line we are still having way high gas prices, we are in conflict with a country that has fuck all to with us (maybe ten years ago Saddam was a problem,, but not in 2003/4).

We are in the same quagmire of political bullshit as we ever were. Ahhh I am sick of it.

We are still waiting for our new PC’s to be installed at work. I have seen one of them set up in our small annexed office and they are the mutts nuts. Dell custom builds for everyone. 17inch flat screen monitors and god knows what else under the hood. They won’t let me play until all the systems are up and running. damn them and there killjoy ways.

I realised today that no would probably read this blog anyway so I can be as candid as I want and have no real worries about repercussions. I write long boring entries and I know that the average web reader will only skim for the juicy bits… Maybe I should just randomly throw in a pair of TITS or a 12inch DICK in somewhere and see if that spikes any interest.

A random down blouse shot.. What do you mean there is no blouse?

Lets see what that does.. knowing my luck nothing because I probably fucked up the code or something…bwahahaha.

Oh well I am off to try and get some sleep… see ya later

Until Next Time

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