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I would like, if I may, to take you on a journey.. a strange journey where TV executive think it is OK to mess with something that is close to perfection and has lived in history for 40 years and has a following of over a 10s of millions strong worldwide and just because there is a fad for the odd Musical to “work”on TV the past couple of years (debatable if you ask me).

It was announced yesterday that Fox TV are intending to go ahead with their plan to reimagined The Rocky Horror Picture Show. They plan to rename this the Rocky Horror Picture Show EVENT.

Now, I have absolutely no problem with seeing Musical Theatre on TV, none whatsoever, but if a show has been made and it has been successful as Rocky has been, it was a cult that grew into a phenom that has grown into mainstream. In the UK the stage show still tours every year and still plays to full houses every night every where it goes. In America, Midnight Showings of the film still attract rabid fan-bases of the film and Casts act out the film in front of the screen as the film plays.

This “reimagining” isn’t about bringing the film to a new audience like the producers are claiming, this is, in my opinion, a cash grab, this is a chance for Fox to renew the rights that they own to have another revenue stream going into the Shows 40th anniversary year.  No doubt once the TV special happens there will be a soundtrack CD released (or iTunes download) and then after that there will be a DVD and Blu Ray release of the TV special (not to mention international TV rights).

As far as I’m concerned now, the people behind this production should be sent right back transsexual Transylvania, if not shot by Riff Raff first. I doubt that will happen. My only hope in the coming months in that Richard O’ Brien will get on board and give this a legitimacy and heart and not just a Glee pastiche.

Until we know more, and until my head stops pounding and my nose stops running I’ll leave you steping to the right and pelvic thrusting.

Burial and Austerity

I don’t do politics as a rule. I certainly don’t write about them on a blog, but today I read something that really made me think WTF is going on?

I read this article on the BBC website. The fact that the House has been recalled for a special session so that the members can give their tributes, recollections and all other complimentary speeches about such a divisive politician is to my mind absolutely not what Government should be spending money on right now. In the article it is stated that when Sir Edward Heath died an hour was put aside for the same reason. This session… 7 and a half hours.
Granted Baroness Thatcher is a different case, but really, 7 AND A HALF HOURS? Totally out of proportion in my mind.

Further on down the article it spins off to reveal details about the Funeral that will happen next Wednesday (17th April). I have purposely not been following to closely the heavy news coverage. My views on Baroness Thatcher are fairly extreme. I don’t recall the good times that many do. I wasn’t old enough to remember the supposed “Good Times”. I do remember the Falklands conflict being on the news every night. I vaguely remember watching the Lunchtime news at school I think? I may have been off school sick or for some other reason. I know I saw Sandy Gale reading the bloody news… distracted.. back to the point.

The funeral costs that are revealed in the above linked article state that Baroness Thatcher’s family will cover the costs of Transport Flowers and Cremation, and the government will cover the rest. Which in real speak means the Tax Payer will foot the bill. Now I could be missing something, but isn’t this the same Government that are cutting money from Disabled people who are being found fit for work yet drop dead weeks later? Is this the same Government who are imposing the Bedroom Tax on the most needy? Is this the same Government who are trying to get a 32% pay rise whilst freezing the pay of other Public Sector workers?

Where is the we are all in it together proponents now?

The Government will be providing the funding for security for the occasion including THREE regiments of soldiers to line the funeral procession not to mention the secret services that will be provided to protect the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh who have stated that they are attending (something that hasn’t been done since 1965 when Sir Winston Churchill died).

This is wrong. The press this morning stated that the cost for this funeral could cost as much as £10 Million. It may sound like a small price to pay to honour a prolific former leader, but really, is it really OUR job to pay for this?

OK that’s my ranty explosion over. Back to the humdrum.

Until Next Time…

WTF – This world amazes me sometimes

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Colombian baby ‘stolen from womb’

What kind of fucking country would let this go on and only ARREST the woman. I would have hunted her down like the vermin she is and made sure she was sterilised so she could never have kids. Not to mention the fact of tattooing her with word like BABY THIEF PAEDOPHILE and everything else under the son.

With a fucking Kitchen knife.

Until Next Time…

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