Project 39 – Week 4

Hi All,

There will be no real post on here this weekend due to my not being able to compose anything longer than a brain fart in a tea cup and even that is stretching things.

In leu of of a post I leave you with a picture of the beautiful flowers that Linda got for her birthday earlier this week that I took the liberty of photographing and playing around with.

Until Next Time…


Lindas Birthday Roses

Birthday Roses

It’s was Lindas birthday this past Monday and Esther and the kids bought her some lovely Roses. I just had to take about 100 photos of these beautiful flowers whilst Linda was out that afternoon. It fel;t good to be inspired if only briefly to pick up the phone again.

I have played around with a couple of the images. This one appeared on Lindas Facebook wall so she could show off her flowers. I did another manipulation using Snapseed that I’ll be posting at the weekend on

This was taken with Hipstamatic using the Tinto 1848 Lens and the W40 Film with no flash.

Lindas Birthday Blooms

Roses Lovely Roses

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