The King

Music Appreciation

I think it is pretty obvious that music is important to me seeing as that every post on this blog usually devolves into something music related eventually. I have mentioned in the past that I have minimal musical prowess, not for the lack of try I might add. If you take a look at my Author Profile at the bottom of every post it pretty much states that I wanted to be Elvis from a young age, that may have seemed like a jokey throw away quip, but in truth… well let’s put it this way at any given chance I would swivel my hips for anyone who would watch and I perfected the snarling lip fairly early in life. The lack of a singing voice only held me back until modesty kicked in. (more…)

Writing Through The Tulips


The title of this post has pretty much nothing to do with what I intend this post to be about. That in itself is nothing new for me, but I have been sat around trying to start this post for 2 days and I have been stuck for a title and I just need to start this damn thing.

The questions I have at the moment is:

Do writers need to be well read to be good writers?
What do writers need to read to be considered well read?


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