Birthday Roses

It’s was Lindas birthday this past Monday and Esther and the kids bought her some lovely Roses. I just had to take about 100 photos of these beautiful flowers whilst Linda was out that afternoon. It fel;t good to be inspired if only briefly to pick up the phone again.

I have played around with a couple of the images. This one appeared on Lindas Facebook wall so she could show off her flowers. I did another manipulation using Snapseed that I’ll be posting at the weekend on

This was taken with Hipstamatic using the Tinto 1848 Lens and the W40 Film with no flash.

Lindas Birthday Blooms

Roses Lovely Roses


(Click for larger image)

As you may have noticed, things have been pretty quiet around here the past week to ten days. I came down with what I class as possibly the worst cold/flu thing that I have had in a very long time. It completely knocked me for six and took me out of life in general.

This image was shot a while back and I just started playing with it in Snapseed. It was originally taken with Camera+ and I used the Clarify setting to clean up the image before taking it over to Snapseed.

That’s about it for this post. I doubt there will be regular updates for the next few days, I still need to catch up with everything that I usually do online. Hopefully by the start of next week I should be back in the saddle.

Thanks for being patient.





Snapseed Desktop Test

Nik Sofware announced yesterday that they had made their Windows Desktop app available on a 15 day trial. Having been curious about the desktop version but a little wary after trying Camerabag out, I jumped at the chance to test drive the app before I slapped down my cash for the app. Needless to say I am impressed and I will most definitely be buying the programme.

Here is a shot I took in Canterbury a couple of months ago that I thought was a bust due to crappy lighting.

I had tried ACDSee Flash but it didn’t cut the mustard on this one for some reason. So I was most surprised to find Snapseed (with only 10 minutes playing produced this. I will admit I went a little heavy on some of the Detail settings that has led to some Posterizing but overall with some more practice I think I will be able to create some good stuff just like I feel I have with the iOs app.

I will do a fuller review once I get some new images to play with.. I have quite a bit to say about this app.

In Bloom

I am amazed that anything within 500 metres of me grows naturally. I have to be the worlds worst gardener. I cut the grass 3 times last summer and half of it died in the Autumn and Winter. I am hoping that it will green up again once the weather starts deciding what it wants to do on a more permanent basis than half hour to half hour.

I was somewhat surprised to see this afternoon that the tree that last year looked anaemic and stick like until at least the end of May beginning of June, this year has started to bloom at the end of March and now looks full of the joys of Spring.

This was taken with Camera+ and then ported over to Snapseed and then back to Camera+ to have the matt Boarder put on the image.

I know I just raved about the joys of Spring, but the atmosphere outside today is decidedly grim. I wanted to amp that feeling up to show some contrast about the changeable weather and conditions we have been having this year so far. It’s crazy that up in Scotland last week there were 30 degree Celsius temperatures and last night 6 inches of snow fell in the same area and it looks like mid January.

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