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I dispare sometimes I really do….

Why is it when I finally get my shit together and get my work done… in fact when I get two peoples work done in in the first two hours of a 5 hour shift, do I still feel by hour five that I have been put through the fucking mincer. I swear that’s how it was at work this evening.

For a Thursday it was unusually quiet. I mean Friday before Christmas quiet at times. I run out of paper data to input, the phone calls aren’t coming through, so i step up the old initiative and offer to start on some held orders that were building up. I could have been sat there reading a fucking website till the phone went beep, but no I step up and start on the work that I would have been doing (the earlier shift persons work) an hour early.

My doing this would benefit everyone really. It would theoretically mean I would have less to do later when the phones and support lines are naturally quiet and it would take the pressure of the earlier shift to rush things.The one thing I was told was DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE TOP TWO ORDERS. So I didn’t, I didn’t even fucking look at them… last time I was told not to worry about something and I did, I nearly lost my job.. so I learned my fucking lesson there. Anyway, being the solid worker I am I get down and do the Held orders and I am still way ahead of schedule. I am on top of every drop that comes from the website to mainframe, so being my normal time to start looking at the support side of my job I do the other things I was supposed to do, dealing with Market Sites and major accounts. They get done in 10 minutes (7 of which was waiting for the steam powered terminals to load websites).

So finally after some infill of the odd order being placed over the phone it’s my break time. Off for a smokey dokey and a chat with the old ball and chain…(OH FUCK OFF with the derogatory terminology….imaginary editor). I give Linda a call and everything is fine there…nother smokey dokey and back off to my desk, hopefully to get some serious Stephen King read in the ensuing two hours.With it being a little too early to start reading something NON work related I do a quick check of all my duties, and notice that the two order that weren’t to be worried about…(can you see where this is going).. were still there. Took a couple of calls from people wanting to change passwords and find out how many resistors come in an SSM of 5…(they may pay my wages…but they aint that smart folks).

So now here is the run down of what is occurring around me.. no names or jobs just areas….

Front Line Orders – 7 people at anyone time
Web Support and Held orders – 3
Managers – 1
NVQ assessors getting in the way – 1

So, forget everything else apart from the web and held guys, myself doing E Procurement and releasing my designated orders and two others taking care of two other held order lines.

I am on top of my work and about too kick back and start on my book.. my phone goes.. “Could you help us out on the internet held orders please…”

Remember I am a team player, I don’t like saying no. So I start from the bottom of the page and work up. By the time I have done TWO lines… they have caught up. I call over and ask if they still need me.. they say “nope we is OK…click gone.”

Back to Stephen King… I get about 20 pages read between 6.30 and 7.45..interruptions from customers and noisy PITA’s around me slow me down some…anyway.

I get a call at 7.50 (9 minutes before clock out time) from Abu Dhabi wanting to know why he couldn’t order from our website.. after explaining the situation with Customs and Excise and VAT regulations ( I can Bullshit the best of em Baby) he agrees to call back and talk too our export dept later his day…as I click off my call one of the other web/held people is stood over me demanding to know why there were two lines left on the helds that should have been released… Remember the ones I was told NOT TO WORRY ABOUT?.. it now appears that I should have been worrying about them after all. I have had run ins with this person before and I refused to get drawn into it.. I kicked my monitor back on.. and opened up the orders and she (in a fit of martyrdom) said
“No you go catch your bus.. I’ll take care of these… just remember..blahblah blah blah blahdi fucking blah”
At that point I had lost the will to live and just shut everything down and left the office before I had a chance to fuck everyone’s day up.

That was my day at work.. It should have been a walk in the park but somehow everyone tried to make it a stressful as possible.. I guess my anxiety problems aren’t completely over.. must remember to tell the shrink that when i see them.. maybe they will stick me on Paxil or some other anti anxiety drug.. cool more monged out memories.

Oh well I have more news for ya, but I can’t be bothered to write it down at the moment.. maybe tomorrow.

Until Next Time…

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