A-Z – C – Caution


The clock ticked closer to the 8 o clock hour. everyone had urged caution, that he should not take part. He should watch his blood pressure and his heart.

He couldn’t be dissuaded, he went ahead.

He turned over and switched it on.

The screen glowed and the circle started to swirl and then the images started to stream.

There they were, the 7 Puppets who were, allegedly, in charge of the country and who were fighting to take charge in 35 days.

With each passing minute more dribble filled the screen and his blood pressure rose.

He seems stable Doctor.

He seems stable Doctor.

Those around him watched as he turned red and then purple.

They urged him to switch off.

He couldn’t though, he was glued to the screen. If he turned off he might miss the lone gunman who was inevitably there to do his bidding.

Surely someone would take the initiative.

All 7 in one room was too good an opportunity to miss!!

Wasn’t it?

Caution they warned?

Caution be damned.

He was last seen running down the road screaming about Statistics and Damned Liars.

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.
Benjamin Disraeli

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