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Sons of Anarchy

If we were meeting for coffee this weekend, I would be gingerly sitting down and not moving my head too much. Last weekend I did *something* to my lower neck and it hasn’t improved any at all all week. Pain has been a visitor this week, a visitor that has overstayed its welcome well and truly.

My week has been dominated by TV.  I haven’t really been able to use a computer that much and using my tablet or Laptop has been out of the question for obvious reasons. This is the worst Crick in the neck I have had in years. I kinda feel like the Genie from Aladdin “10,000 years in a bottle can give you such a Crick in the Neck”. Over the weekend my brother sent me a You Tube video from the soundtrack from Sons of Anarchy:

Now, we as a family watch a lot of TV shows, American TV show especially, but Sons of Anarchy was a show that had never really crossed my radar. I had never really singled it out as I didn’t think it was a show that my household would like to watch. The Sopranos was a bit of a tough sell on my Mum, and we still haven’t finished it with her, and Gangsters don’t usually go down well. I wasn’t sure on the overall content really, so I gave it a pass. It’s not that we are prudish in this house, Game of Thrones is a big favourite so sex and violence isn’t a problem.

Anyway, I sent the above video to my Mum and within 20 minutes of her listening to the video, she demanded to know why if that was the standard of the music, we hadn’t been watching the programme????

Now, If we were having coffee this weekend, I would be asking you the question:

“How do I correlate the use of music to how good a TV show is?”

In the case of SoA, I think the answer is simple the producers have gone and  found excellent musicians and have used members of the cast (Katey Sagal) very well and kept the music home-grown and organic. We are at the end of Series 1 of Sons now and we are well and truly hooked. I figure by the time this weekend is over, we’ll probably be well into Series 2.

If we were having coffee this weekend I hope you wouldn’t mind the partisan atmosphere floating around the house at the moment as we build up to Saturday’s nights big Rugby match (or if you are reading this after Saturday.. the inevitable thrashing the Welsh took at the hands of the English Rugby team). You see my Mum has Welsh Heritage on her mother’s side and feels it only right to support the home team when Wales are playing. When England and Wales are playing it gets slightly fraught in the house with a bit of banter tossed back and forth.

England Vs Wales

England Vs Wales

I am guessing from the general breakdown of the people who I have noticed posting to the Weekend Coffee Share the past few weeks that I have participated, the greatest are from the USA, I’d like to offer this little primer 8 little differences between Rugby and (American) Football .

I used to play Rugby, and if we were having coffee this weekend, I would explain why I stopped playing Rugby when I did. When the people I was playing against started looking like trees and I started feeling like I was falling out of a tree every weekend, I knew it was time to give up. I had fun at the time and I did consider taking the game up again quite recently, but found it cost prohibitive in my area. It is a shame when grass-roots sports are priced out of the range of normal people, I am sure they have their reasons.

If we were having coffee this weekend I’d be really interested to know what you have been up to this week and I’d really like to know what TV shows have caught you by surprise, shows that you didn’t think you would like, but once you started watching them, got hooked and then ended up glued to Netflix or Amazon Prime for the next 5 days until your eyes were hanging out on their sockets? Will you be watching the Rugby this weekend or have you got any other sporting events lined up? Let me know? Don’t forget.. we have to fit Doctor Who in here somewhere too!!

Have a great weekend folks!

Until next time…

A-Z – J – Jump To The Left


I would like, if I may, to take you on a journey.. a strange journey where TV executive think it is OK to mess with something that is close to perfection and has lived in history for 40 years and has a following of over a 10s of millions strong worldwide and just because there is a fad for the odd Musical to “work”on TV the past couple of years (debatable if you ask me).

It was announced yesterday that Fox TV are intending to go ahead with their plan to reimagined The Rocky Horror Picture Show. They plan to rename this the Rocky Horror Picture Show EVENT.

Now, I have absolutely no problem with seeing Musical Theatre on TV, none whatsoever, but if a show has been made and it has been successful as Rocky has been, it was a cult that grew into a phenom that has grown into mainstream. In the UK the stage show still tours every year and still plays to full houses every night every where it goes. In America, Midnight Showings of the film still attract rabid fan-bases of the film and Casts act out the film in front of the screen as the film plays.

This “reimagining” isn’t about bringing the film to a new audience like the producers are claiming, this is, in my opinion, a cash grab, this is a chance for Fox to renew the rights that they own to have another revenue stream going into the Shows 40th anniversary year.  No doubt once the TV special happens there will be a soundtrack CD released (or iTunes download) and then after that there will be a DVD and Blu Ray release of the TV special (not to mention international TV rights).

As far as I’m concerned now, the people behind this production should be sent right back transsexual Transylvania, if not shot by Riff Raff first. I doubt that will happen. My only hope in the coming months in that Richard O’ Brien will get on board and give this a legitimacy and heart and not just a Glee pastiche.

Until we know more, and until my head stops pounding and my nose stops running I’ll leave you steping to the right and pelvic thrusting.

Project 39 – Week 2

They say Nostalgia ‘aint what it used to be, and to some extent that’s true.

It’s no secret that most of my musical tastes are from years (sometimes decades) before I was born. This can sometimes lead me to feel nostalgic for times I wasn’t even around to witness. It seems most odd that I spend most of my day sitting in front of a device that was only really developed in its current design during the second half of my life time. (more…)

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