Witches & My Voice

Something akin to what I see in my head

Something akin to what I see in my head

I have been thinking a lot about witches recently, which is weird in itself as I know little about them except for the Pendle Witches and the obvious Salem stories from having the Crucible drummed into my head whilst at school (Screw Goody Proctor) – As it stands right now though I am heavily influenced by stuff by Rob Zombie (Lords of Salem) –   and Rosemary’s Baby (Mind you this is more Satanic than Witches).

The other big influence is The Wicker Man, but has been years since I saw that and all I can remember from that is floppy boobs and Edward Woodward at the end of the movie! (I almost gave away a spoiler there). (more…)

Good Omens – Radio 4 – December 2014

Good Omens
By Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
BBC Radio 4
23-27th December 2014
When you have been waiting for an adaptation, any adaptation, of a book you read 20 years ago, when one comes along you get giddy like a school girl on a Friday Afternoon with a Hockey Cup Final to go to. This pretty much sums up how I felt when it was announced that Dirk Maggs was going to be adapting Good Omens for Radio 4. Maggs has long been so far on top of my radio producer mountain that it would take an epic climber of the stature of Hillary to climb to the heights to reach him. Going back to his ground breaking work with his serial work for Radio 1 with the comic book characters Batman, Superman and Spiderman and then on to his work on the remaining Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy productions he has just marked himself out as a producer who is not afraid to take work that “seems” to be unworkable and “make” it work. I don’t really have any other way of putting it other than calling it ART. (more…)

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