Looking to 2016 (Part 2)

This is part 2 of the post that I posted a yesterday morning that looked back over 2015. This post looks at 2016 and my view of it.



As someone who steadfastly refuses to make resolutions each year, I know that they neither are realistic nor helpful when you don’t know for one day to the next what your body or mind will serve up to you when your eyes open and your head lifts from the pillow. However, this year, I have decided that I need to try to set an outline of something (anything) that I feel that I feel I could meet throughout the year that would buoy my confidence that I am not a redundant waste of space. (more…)

Time Confusion

I hate today. I spend the whole day thinking it’s a different time to that which it really is.

You see the clocks went forward today and I spend the whole day every year thinking:
“Oh It’s 3pm… but really it’s only 2pm… but it’s really 3pm”
And by the time I have my head around it being 3pm it’s actually 4pm and I think it’s actually only 3pm. It’s a vicious fucking circle that will take days to break.

In other news after 8 weeks off work I am going back to work tomorrow. New hours and new desk (no doubt). I should say that I was only off sick for three weeks… but I had to wait for clearance from all kinds of doctors to let me go back to work. Basically it took almost double the time to get back to work than I was actually off sick. Go figure eh!!!!

Oh well off to iron my trousers for work tomorrow.

Until Next Time…

Is Boredom A Sin?

So here I am off work for the best part of two weeks due to the old Bi Polar thing playing up and I am actually bored. It’s not right you know. For weeks I have been wishing for time off so I can catch up on some stuff I wanted to do around the old house of Spnak and now I have had the time I have got didley squat done.

So my plan is to just give up work and sit around and procrastinate for a living. I shall of course take occassionall breaks in slacking to actually do something of use to my other spnakers. I shall on the rare times get out of my vibrating chair that is like a (in my brothers words)  Vibrator you sit in (he has such a way with the old wordy type things.)

No really in all seriousness I will not be slacking for much longer as the call of work beckons next Monday where I shall endevour to keep my job until at least my birthday arrives. This my dear readers could be a slight mamouth of tasks seeing as I Get the distinct impression that the old firm are trying to get rid of me. The Farewell cards on my desk over Christmas instead of Christmas cards that would normally festoon ones desk at the jolly old season were a noticeable give away. Not to mention the odd person walking up to my desk and proclaiming

“Oh it’s good to see you back… we were told that you were dead”
“UMMM no” I reply in mock shock ” I just give off that impression when working here and staring at the screen of death for 5 hours a day”
To which they would walk of wondering of I was actually dead or just being a sarcastic bastard….. Both of which could apply depending on my mood at any given moment in a working day.

If I didn’t work it would be so much easier… I could become acquainted again with the joys of daytime TV that one working stiff neglects or has no real interest in when working (even as a part timer who only works in the afternoon I still don’t watch much daytime TV.) Daytime TV really can be useful. Last time I was off for a long time I almost sold the house for 149.995 on Homes under the hammer and I almost moved to New Zealand on a whim when the Wonderful Nadia Swahala said that it was a glorious place to relocate to in your retirement.

I think I should start writing more often just to give my mind something to do other than catch up on Doctor Who shows that I was to young to remember the first time around.

Until Next Time…

Hello… I love you… won’t you tell me your name…hello

Couldn’t think of an article title so I chose a random lyric from my playlist.
I haven’t posted half as much as I should have since Linda’s been gone. Not much too say I guess.
It’s now roughly 48 hours till she is back and man it feels like I am meeting her for the first time. We were joking on the phone the other night about missing each other and how we must be in love… that or we have just grown used to being in each others company for the past 4 years.. we chose the first option. (more…)

So I Had This Plan

I knew it was doomed as soon as the thought entered my head. I wasn’t getting out of bed till I woke up. Now as bizzare as that sounds, the past few days I have been waking up whilst still OBVIOUSLY asleep, as it’s been a total blur. I don’t remember a damn thing aside from speaking to Linda a couple of times and the odd movie watched.

So I decided last night that the pills were kicking my ass so much that today I would sleep until I decided that it was the right time to get up. To make a point I went to bed BEFORE midnight and passed out pretty much straight away. Slept straight through to 5.30am… damn what a way to go.. plan on sleeping till noon and don’t make it to 6am. GO ME!!!!! (more…)

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