Blogging From A-Z Challenge 2015 Announcement

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I think I finally may have lost what little vestiges of my mind I had left.

After yesterdays little meltdown I went and signed up to the above challenge. I have never done anything like it before, never even showed that much interest in Nanoblomoporokolosoraymefarloso….. So what on earth possessed me to think that next month would be a good month to dive in and post 26 posts in a month. To make matters worse, they urge you to “create” a theme to the month so your readers have some idea of what to expect from your posts over the coming month. (more…)

An Escape

The post I originally started writing was dark, dismal and full of swear words. Absolutely not what I have been about lately. Something I have tried to build myself away from for a while. Yeah, OK, I may feel bad at the moment and I may not have sunbeams shining out of my bum at the  moment but I don’t have to bring everyone else down with me. So that post is going stay in my Drafts folder for a while and instead I am just going to share a few things with you instead. (more…)

Writing Through The Tulips


The title of this post has pretty much nothing to do with what I intend this post to be about. That in itself is nothing new for me, but I have been sat around trying to start this post for 2 days and I have been stuck for a title and I just need to start this damn thing.

The questions I have at the moment is:

Do writers need to be well read to be good writers?
What do writers need to read to be considered well read?


Bye Bye 2013 part 2

In my last post I mentioned that I had been discharged from Mental Health services. This was by and far the biggest thing that had happened to me in absolutely ages. It turned my whole life upside down. I was neither prepared nor unprepared for this to happen. There was no build up to the discharge, it was pretty much just announced one day and happened the next. I have written about this before, and I really don’t want to go into it again, needless to say, I have survived the ordeal and I am still here, so I really can’t complain. (more…)

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